We compiled a list of unique gift items that would make perfect wedding gift ideas for your boss.

Give your boss the thoughtful gift of Magic Wand Remote, LED Starter Kit, Whisked Away Heart Whisk, Molecule Cuisine Evolution Kit, Hersheys Kiss Crystal Candy Dish and more!

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01. Magic Wand Remote

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Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control

A slow twist and the volume goes up. A big flourish and the TV goes off. So satisfying. A must have for harry potter fans! Just a fun thing to have. Works well with a little practice. It is easy to set up for multiple devices. Very easy to program and of course incredibly fun to use! You gotta love the entertainment value of muggle wands. The wand itself is very sensitive and responds to the perfect casting of spells. Also the box that cases the wand looks just like the harry potter wand box shop in the movies. However, it is not made of any wood, it is all metal. Perfect gift for the hard to gift lot.
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02. Hersheys Kiss Crystal Candy Dish

The Godinger Crystal Hershey’s Kiss Candy Dish is very pretty. Beautiful and well-made. Ideal gift for candy lovers. Works on a desk or in a nice dining room. These are hard to find items, but well worth their purchase price. It’s made of crystal glass and has got a good weight. Makes a great gift for a token of appreciation.
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03. LED Smart Light Bulb

System overall easy to setup, takes a few minutes, and no need adjust router setting & wifi setting for the round shape bridge. The biggest benefit is having an Amazon Echo that works with them beautifully. These lights are plenty bright. They can also be set to turn off at a certain time which is great because teenagers seem to be deficient in the ability to flip a light switch back to the down position when they leave the room. All work great and adjust as requested through Echo. Nice to lie down at night, get comfortable and then say… “Alexa, turn off bedroom.” A little pricey but worth it to a techie.
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04. Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons

Beautiful set of heart measuring spoons. These are actually super cute, good for use or decoration. Great post favor for a bridal shower. Very lightweight but get the job done in a very cute style! Front of the spoons shows cute version of measurements and the back shows the actual measurements. Perfect for attaching to a gift bag for a wedding or engagement gift or a sweet wedding shower favor.
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05. Whisked Away Heart Whisk

This makes a great wedding gift. Nice inexpensive heartfelt gift. Small, but very functional and easy to store. Well made and easy to grip. Perfect whisk for small, quick items such as salad dressing or powdered drinks. The packaging is very nice and suitable for a wedding favor. You can use this as the topper on a stack of kitchen-related shower gifts. Very cute idea for a gift although better for decorating than actual use.
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06. Molecule Cuisine Evolution Kit

A must have starter-kit for all modern kitchen enthusiastic. This French gastronomy kit is presented in an appealingly modernistic style, and the DVD presents the methods necessary to execute the various recipes very clearly. Many of the methods presented vary between simple and moderate difficulty. For techniques such as spherification, ensure that the liquid base that is mixed with calcium lactate is more dense than the sodium actinate solution ie. On the whole it is good use of the chemicals provided in the kit, with the limited tools available from the kit and in the average person’s kitchen. Great price on Amazon. Same as the US price from Molecule-R.
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07. Self Adhesive Paper Art Deco Mural

A great decorative piece. Very easy and simple to apply and remove. Nice size and sticks well to the wall. Funny how true the words of this wall art work are. It does not come already attached to the transfer film and may not be in the order it needs to be to read correctly. Takes a little effort to get it from the paper to the wall.
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