We compiled a list of unique gift ideas for your family and friends.

Gift items include Mobile Workstation, 2-Pack Guitar Hanger, Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock, Slow Cooker, Stereo Turntable and more!

01. Nerf 2-in-1 Demolisher

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1

A great Nerf gun. Awesome product for the kids. It shoots accurately and rapidly. Perfect for Nerf gun fights.  The action is fast enough to do a “double tap,” so you can use the first dart to gauge and the second dart to hit after making the aim adjustment. At close range, you can empty the entire clip pretty fast into the target by repeatedly pulling the trigger. You can fire six darts in about two seconds, which is about the same rate of fire as the Rapidstrike CS-18 full-auto blaster.

Like all clip-load Nerf guns, this thing will jam from time to time, but that is where the grenade launcher comes in. If the gun jams, the grenade launcher is still pointed at the target, so all you do is just pull the handle as hard as you can. At close range, it actually hurts if you hit bare skin (or worse yet, the face). Grenade-to-face is also quite the deterrent to any sort of “banzai” charge.

The semi-auto works really well and can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. The magazine is curved, but that’s pretty much just for show, as the darts only occupy the straight section. Very easy to load and the storage in the removable stock is well thought out. The launching of the grenade depends on how hard you can pump the slide. It does need batteries and runs a motor. All in all, it makes a great backup weapon.
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02. 3-Speed Stereo Turntable

This is a great way to transfer all vinyl to digital. Easy to use and sound is good. The speakers are turn off by default out of the box. There is a slight wobble to the turntable, but it doesn’t affect the playback at all. Sound is good for small rooms. It plays really well considering the price. Wonderful gift to bring back Vinyl memories.
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03. Mobile Workstation

This rolling box with sturdy handle are nice additions to have. It’s great for sorting and storage fits cards, mini helmets and plenty of baseballs. Wonderful for portable maintenance tools and great travelling case for outdoor sports. Holds quite a bit but can get a bit heavy. Plenty of space with a little room to spare. It can hold the regular domestic sewing machine in the bottom compartment. It is made out of a excellent plastic material. Easy to handle and very ergonomic.

It holds all of your equipment and closes nice and compactly. Expanding this tool box is effortless.  Very large, sturdy and well built. The plastic body and the metal hinges, slides and locks are very durable.
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04. Top Stage 2-Pack Guitar Hanger

These are gorgeous guitar hangers and they work very well. Perfect organizer for your guitars. Easy to install. They help protect the guitar head from damage or from the guitar getting out of tune. They look high quality and function great. Just as good as the String Swing at a way better price. Works well for hanging both acoustic and electric guitars. Guitars look great on the wall.
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05. HP Pavilion LED VGA Monitor

This monitor looks handsome and appears to be well built. Adds plenty of real estate to your screen space. Great general purpose monitor at a very fair price. The resolution and picture quality are very good, and the design is pretty nice as well. Vibrant colors- very sharp and clear, no bleeding at all from all angles. It is very easy to hook up with computers. Great for gaming. Easy to put together and set up. The tilting mechanism is also a good addition. Also, the sleek and edgy design makes it look ravishing.
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06. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This film breathes new life into the Star Wars franchise. Finally, a movie made after the original three that does the series justice. Note that this version ships with BluRay, DVD, and digital download codes. The digital download comes with all the extras as well. So this is a heck of a bargain. The score is spot-on. It’s simply an incredible movie.
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07. Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock

Amazing lights. Very nice to wake up to or fall asleep to. These have a good thick line, as described. Good construction and design. The light is peaceful and natural. Tap anywhere to snooze feature makes it easy to roll over and silence the alarm while the light stays on. Light gradually dims to fall asleep, no more stumbling into bed in the dark.

You will just love waking up to light & the sound of seagulls. Much better than an alarm that jars you awake. The wake up light shining on the face definitely brings you from a deep sleep to light sleep to wake up to. This is a great product that really helps you wake up feeling energetic rather than groggy.
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08. Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

There is a reason the Kindle is king of e-readers. This reader is smaller than the original Kindle and it has a smaller screen. But, it is also lighter and it has that built-in light. Add a case to cover it and you are set. With the new version, the lighting is perfectly uniform and the text perfectly sharp. You can read outside without difficulty. Very easy interface to learn. Good contrast. Easy to acquire and browse books. Easy to add bookmarks. Nice that you can add notes and lookup characters. Long battery life. The battery lasts long, more than two weeks.

It’s a perfect solution to reading in all types of lighting including sunlight. Books are less expensive on Amazon than through some other sources. Very reliable and convenient. Especially for travel. Very easy to carry with you everywhere. Fits easily in the hand. Much reduced glare, large assortment of books.
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09. Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker

It is a slow cooker and a pressure cooker- a very solid stainless steel inner pot which other brands do not offer. Non stick inner pots eventually peel, this will never peel or be compromised with use. Cooks anything and everything and it always tastes fantastic. Perfect for cooking of soup, meat stew. It is great to have one item do so many things, saves space in the kitchen. Very versatile and easy to use. Just press one button to start & one light inside to lift & clean. Plenty of room for anything you need.
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