People who love cycling spend more time on two wheels than two legs. And we give them things that will display their love of all things bicycle. Here, we have handpicked 7 novelty gifts for cyclists that include novelty wall hooks, headlight, work tray, winter gloves and more.

01. Work Tray

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Cyclist Gift: WORK TRAY

This work tray is a little item with a big use. A must have for working on the bikes. Holds just enough tools to be helpful, but is not large enough to get in the way. Perfect addition to the Park tool stand. Made of plastic, with metal support rod. Has a detachable side basket. The parts tray rocks. The company has videos on their site (no talking) of the guy installing this and suing it. Surely a very welcome attachment to the bike stand for  tools, and parts coming off or going on the bike.
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02. Wall Hooks

This bike rack delivers what it promises: space saving. Simple to install, takes up no space and easily holds the bike. No extra gimmicks or unnecessary parts, just a bike rack. Well built pieces very easy and simple to install. Very sturdy especially for its reasonable price. It takes up no space on the wall. The mounting is easy over a wall stud. The actual holder has a plastic cover over the tire holder part to prevent scratches. Can be screwed directly into wall studs sixteen inches apart. Just raise the front wheel into the hook and the weight of the bike holds it firmly on the wall. It takes only about 20 minutes from opening the package to hanging the bike.
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03. Garmin Edge

Garmin Edge has good accuracy as can be seen looking at the track afterward on a map. Very easy to use. It has maps. The 810 model is just a little longer which makes it easier to read while riding through the wood. The open cycle map is very useful and very detail. The additional features are great too, especially iPhone connectivity! The connection with the phone is really useful. It makes it easy to see even at night with only a passing streetlight. Uploading is almost instant. Very easy to customize screens. Much cheaper buying pieces separate rather than in bundle.
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04. Headlight

This is a very bright light with lots of solid/flash settings for different riding circumstances. Makes it very easy to pop off when you park and lock up your bike. It always has enough juice for the ride home and the ride back in. Ample modes to suit all situations, the steady / pulse mode is ideal. Holds a charge for a few rides. USB recharge is quick and lasts a good hour and a half before visible deeming occurs on brightest setting. Fit is tight on the mount so no problems with it bouncing out. Swivels left and right with a centering bump. Just use a headlamp to look around with. It goes right back on very easily and stays secure.

The biggest plus is that both come with USB cables and are rechargeable, so there is no need to replace batteries. The light is plenty bright for daytime and pitch black dark situations. The blinking function is also great for daytime use.
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05. The Feedzone Cookbook

Great eats in this cook book. They have laid out some really good hearty meals that go together quick! This is a must for anyone that is active and wants to keep on top of their weight while maintaining energy for training. They are all very easy to read and follow. A few recipes need quantity adjustments though. Ground turkey, for example, is only available for purchase in 1.25 lb increments. All the recipes using it call for 1 lb.

This book has alot of great ideas for meals. Delicious recipes for before, during and after rides. All of the go/riding food and travel meals are tasty, well balanced and simple to make. The book is also a great size itself. Not too big and not too small.
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06. Winter Gloves

These are great gloves. Keeps the hands toasty. These are beasts and the price reflects it. Worth every cent. The quality appears to be solid. They have useful snot wipe materials and a good, long cuff. Super comfortable, great coverage and good padding too. Biking to work with these is a pleasure. Excellent gloves for cold weather riding. In fact if anything they’re a little warm by the end of the ride. Longer rides at 35 to 50 degrees good. Above 50 degrees they are too hot. More cycling gloves available here: battery heated bicycle gloves.
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07. Tubes has a good collection of novelty tire tubes and they are very durable. Love their short valve stems. Look good and they are also long enough. They work fine with no apparent defects. Great value for money. It seems thickness of some tubes could be a bit better though.
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