Finding the best golf gift for your boss can be difficult. I’m going to help you find the best golf gifts today – regardless of budget. Your boss is sure to find it useful if you get her/him something in line with her/his interests and passion.

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01. Titleist Pro VI Balls

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Rickie Fowler: Why I Choose Pro V1

Very durable and spin enough to stop on the greens. They are the best for golfers with swing speeds at 100 mph or higher. That is basically what these balls are for. It looks good in the box and remains absolutely straight and is so soft that once it lands on the green, it never goes off. A man is as only as good as his balls, and the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is the only ball that can ensure this! The case of 4 sleeves sold through Amazon are identical to new balls sold in pro shops and it’s probably the best ball on the market. Just the allure of the box alone is mesmerizing.
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02. NFL Team Golf Towel

The NFL Chigago Bears Embroidered Golf Towel is a great addition to Bears Golf Bag. Great club cleaner and all purpose golf towel. Nice style too! It is attractive and functional. Top is sewn so it stays in the tri-fold shape and looks great all the time. Seems pretty thick and not of cheap quality. Plastic clip mechanism is sturdy for plastic. The darker color is best for wiping clubs, since you don’t have to wash it as often as a yellow of white towel. The poly material releases stains easily. This will look great on the golf bag. A must for golfing fans!
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03. Golf Ball Pick Up

Great gift for a golfer. They will love going to the green again. Works great and picks ball up easily. Fits great in bag. Makes a good retriever too. Real simple to use and it works every time. Never have to bend over to pick up the ball out of the hole is truly a back saver. A must for seniors. Enter the ball pick up tool, no more bending over.
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04. Exploding Golf Balls

Exploding balls look and feel like a real golf ball for the most part, just too clean and have no markings.  Tons of fun with these playing tricks on people and definitely worth the money. Works perfectly!
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05. BARKSA Golf Scope

This is such an awesome product! Worth it to give it a chance. This scope is great for a newer player to grasp a concept like that. It’s low tech, analog, and inexpensive but it works. Simple to operate and it comes with a protective carrying case. The big attraction with this quality scope is the fact that it costs a fraction of some others but is just as accurate as more expensive types.
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06. Club Cleaning Brush

Every golfer needs one of these. This brush is simple and effective. Does a good job of cleaning the grooves. Quality brush but such a good price! A very inexpensive method to keep club face clean while still on the golf course. 5 stars for cleaning club heads. It makes a nice and useful gift.
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07. Nudie Lady Golf Tees

The product is a killer gag gift but it’s still functional. Stands up stronger when placing the ball and doubles as a divot tool. Needless to say, they are cute. Excellent gag gift for that weird friend that likes to mix nudity and golf. Also for the guy who has everything. But with the smaller size order they don’t come in packaging, they are just in a plastic bag. So you may want to wrap them up before giving them as a gift.
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08. Groove Sharpener Tool

A very useful and versatile device. Very inexpensive. Get your grooves back in shape. It is slick looking and easy to use. Sharp and has variable size edges depending on the manufacture of the club. Great for cleaning what the wire brush can not get. Cool device for cleaning out those grooves on the face of the club head in order to give you a little more bite on the ball. So every one should have one in the bag.
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09. Chipping Net

Great for practicing in the yard. This net is light weight and of good quality. Helps with chipping around the greens. It also folds up nicely for storage. It’s like a camping chair, to a small size so it’s easy to store or take with in the car. This is a great little pitching net. Anyone looking to get better at golf should know work in the short game is arguably the highest yield at shrinking overall scores. This net is fun for the back yard and super easy to setup. Also super easy to take out and use just about anywhere.
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