Commercial Pilots get to do something none of the rest of us do. We have handpicked 6 fun gifts for commercial pilots that include P-51 Mustang model, bad elf GPS,  simulator control bundle, NASA MA-1 jacket and more.

01. Lightspeed Tango Wireless Aviation Headset

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Gifts for Pilot: Tango Wireless Headset

Lightspeed has always made great headsets. The tango is no exception. Excellent comfort and sound quality (including superior ANR) set it apart from the others. The wireless feature of this headset makes it extremely convenient and cuts down on an increasing amount of wires and equipment most pilots are now using.

The sound is great and the ANR works just like the wired headsets. It’s comfortable, has great noise cancelling, and allows a freedom of movement unavailable in any other headset. Battery life is fantastic. For average training flights of a couple of hours, one can go several days without charging. In the air it’s awesome. The Bluetooth works great. In fine, this headset has set a new level of excellence.
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02. P-51 Mustang Model

P-51 Mustang is a great option for a beginning modeler. There aren’t a lot of “extra parts”. The instructions (painting, decals, construction, etc) are well written, but very self explanatory through pictures. The level of detail is great. But the moldings aren’t as well done as when they were made in the US years ago. But still are good. Great “toy” for following directions and using fine motor skill. Excellent price too.
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03. Bad Elf GPS

Great little gizmo to add to ipad without GPS, measuring hiking trips, bike rides. This little unit works really well. Very user friendly and easy to operate. It connects easily, in fact very easy to pair with devices. Switch the bluetooth back on, and connect to the bad elf, and get a gps fix instantly. As for accuracy, in most spots the accuracy is within a few feet of a road. However altitude is not always that accurate.

Very intuitive to use. Also it is great for a navigational backup. Battery life is fairly good, 6 hours or more contentious use. Displays reliable position. So for backpacking and driving, this device is awesome. Compatible with Jeppeson, and also with Foreflight.
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04. Flight Simulator Software

Messrs Meyers and Supnik have done a grand job. The amount of detail in the small things really adds up to a great user experience. This game is amazing and meets all expectations. It can be very challenging and fun. This is the best flight simulator on the market. The configuration options are fantastic. It’s fun being able to learn how to fly real planes. That’s a good thing that they are continuing to improve this game. The graphics aren’t great but reasonable experience.

Simply put, X-Plane is an amazing simulation with amazing modeling. This is a work of love by a fantastic programmer and team. But an extremely steep learning curve means that x-plane is not exactly a good starting place for those new to the world of aviation and flight simulation.
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05. Simulator Control Bundle

Great product for the price. Easy to install, adds a true delight to flying. More realistic than using a joystick. Need to play a little with the settings to get smooth takeoffs. This is a great yoke system at the right price, as it not only includes a yoke, but 3 lever throttle as well. The yoke tension is very realistic. By far the best yoke out there. A lot cheaper than owning/renting a cessna. Easy plug- and-play connection. Plenty of programmable buttons. At long last an affordable flight sim with no sacrifice in quality. The program helps to practice the real thing at home.
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06. Nylon NASA MA-1 Jacket

A wonderful and unique piece of fashion. It is snug and puffy. A lot puffier than the image projects. Not like “L.L. Bean down vest” puffy, but not a slim thin windbreaker type of look. Kind of in between. It is a bit cheaper on Amazon, so keep that in mind. This jacket will be perfect for the “warmer” Chicago winter days. The quality is the highest from Alpha Industries. You can buy it for a part of a Halloween costume too!
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