We compiled a list of gift items that would make perfect gift ideas for step moms at Christmas.

Give your step mom the thoughtful gift of Garlic Zoom, Nail Rock Caviar, William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, Molecular Gastronomy Kit, Portable Wine Glass and more!

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01. Vino2Go Portable Wine Glass

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Portable Wine Glass

This is great for on the go to parties and especially when out on the boat. So much fun. Keeps bugs out of the wine when enjoying Mark West outside!
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02. William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

This is a great book for the Shakespeare lover or Star Wars lover. A very creative take on Star Wars. Great fun to read and hard to put down. Highly recommend this. Would love to see it on stage though!
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03. Nest Bowls

The large blue mixing bowl is big and deep enough to whisk furiously (by hand or with hand mixer) without splashing the contents. It also has a non-slip bottom. The bowl is pretty big enough to be used as a serving bowl when entertaining. Bright colors and having them all snap together is a nice touch. Great for campers or condos where space is limited.
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04. Nail Rock Caviar

Same as the Ciaté caviar beads from Sephora. It is exactly as advertised. Love all the different colors and the way the caviar looks on the nails is awesome. These are so worth it.
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05. Molecular Gastronomy Kit

This is the perfect beginner gastronomy kit. If you want a real “WOW” factor, you have to try this. Both fun and educational. It will make a good starter kit for anyone wanting to have fun with food and science. If you like poppin cookin you’ll love this too. Definitely a good buy for the price.
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06. Garlic Zoom

This is such a handy product! This collects nearly all of the garlic into the lid. Much larger capacity than the standard Chef’n chopper. Minces garlic much finer and more quickly than the smaller chopper.
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07. Flip Alarm Clock

A great alarm clock. Just plain easy to use. Lightweight and easy to turn alarm on and off. The only challenge is setting the time. Very cool design and functionality. Simple and sleek – no wonder it won design awards. This might be the most smartly designed “dumb” clock ever. It is purposefully designed to do nothing but display the time and sound an alarm at the appointed time.
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08. Unlikely Friendships Book

Beautiful book. Loaded with photos and sweet stories. Purchase it as a gift for your animal lover step mom and it will be a hit! The stories are compelling and leaves us wondering what is really going on in the minds of what some people might consider some times mindless animals. Seeing animals that are often enemies who hate each other truly become connected and love each other, gives humans a good role model. The stories are so inspiring and the pictures make the stories come alive.
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