Good fishing gifts are rare things. It will take a certain amount of patience and diligence to find the perfect fishing gifts for your dad’s birthday. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best fishing gifts available out there. Hope you love the products we recommend!

01. Electronic Fish Scale

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Mango Spot Fishing Hook Hanging Scale (Position 2)

This scale is cool in that it measures both the current weight and when it senses that the weight stops moving it locks the reading LCT to what it shows when it stops moving. Very accurate and very clear display. Easy to use. It will definitely weigh things up to 50 lbs and beyond. Works great and inexpensive. The bike specific scales cost five times as much. Buy it for fishing and vacation.
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02. Deep Sea Trolling Reel

A perfect trolling reel. Very light weight, and looks beautiful. The gearing is just perfect. Very smooth and sure winding great gear ratio. It holds a lot of line. The drag nicely holds up to some heavy and big catfish. The level winder on these reels work exceptionally well and way better than they were in the past. These reels have a secondary drag for when the reel is in free spool, this is invaluable for preventing backlashes.
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03. The Total Fishing Manual

This is a beautifully well-done book. Has cute metal corners that add to the charm of the book. Came within 3 days just as expected. It has little metal edges on the cover. The book covers so many aspects it is a joy to read each one to either learn something new or remember a forgotten lesson. Worth every penny. Very comprehensive. Good information source. Many old tackle tips, knot types, techniques, just a wealth of information. Also good illustrations, graphics and overall easy to read and understand. For the young adult or child, this makes a great read. This is the perfect starter for a lifetime of weekends in a kayak. Good luck!
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04. MicroFiber Bait Towel

Excellent towels, very convenient and well made, use all the time. Great quality towels for the fisherman. The towels are soft and absorbent. The clip works great for fastening to a tackle box a belt loop. Worth every penny and a lot cheaper than buying golf towels for fishing. Perfect size for a bait towel and the microfiber enables them to absorb a full day’s use while fishing. The ring on the towel may rust though. All in all, must-have for any fisherman who is looking for a great value towel.
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05. Shimano Curado Baitcast Reel

Another quality built Shimano Curado reel. Smooth, reliable and so small that it fits the palm very comfortably. A great reel for the price. Its casting distance is amazing. It is able to cast a mile and handles it like a monster. The Lews reels look good. This fine piece of machinery really speaks for itself. Simply put, nothing beats a curado. The new braking system is amazing. The difference comes in longevity though. Cheaper baitcasters will wear out long before this one will. The Curado holds up to the salt without a problem.
The performance is there plus its incredibly well built. When it comes to Shimano there’s no other better reel.
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06. Casio Fisherman’s Watch

Light, handy and comfortable. This one is a thick, sturdy, clock. Easy to program and set. The band is made of good leather and it looks classy. It is not a huge face. The price on Amazon is much lower than on the Casio site. Overall, very nice watch for the price.
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07. Dry Bag

It’s going to work great for a jet boat trip. Perfect for outdoor. Seals up well to keep everything dry but opens easily. Durable and convenient. Very sturdy bag with tons of space to keep everything dry including beach towels. They always stay high and dry.  This is really an awesome bag for those who are active and go camping or a lot of activities that involve water. Recommended for ocean kayaking and camping.
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08. Fish Lip Grabber

Picks up Reds and weighs them with minimal touching. A lot better for the fish than handling it and gives an estimate on weight at same time. Seems pretty heavy duty and accurate for the price. Worth the money. Easy to use, smooth movement, works amazingly good. Just the right size and the mechanics work great. Tight Lip grip and holds tight. Scales are a little hard to read though.
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09. Ball Cap Headlamp

This TBall Cap Headlamp is a real bargain. Great for walking the dog at night. This has a nice circle of light. Good alternative to a head lamp. The light articulates up and down with clicks. The nice thing about this is it fits any baseball cap and it doesn’t take those annoying button batteries. That is what makes this light so usable. Very compact. The light is quite bright and it’s adjustable from a flood to a pin point. A person needs one for each vehicle, camping, walking in the snow or on the beach. The magnifier helps to focus on items or areas further out and makes seeing what’s ahead easier. Also additional headlamp can be found in this post.
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