We compiled a list of unique kitchen items that would make perfect cooking gifts for your girlfriend. These are the top picks the cook in your life needs the most.

Give your chef girlfriend the thoughtful gift of an obsessive chef cutting board, pro series blender, deep fryer, spiralizer and more!

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01. Professional Grade Knife Set

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Wusthof Classic 8 Piece Block Set

A happy chef needs sharp knives. There are a number of similar packages around. But these are far better than other knives similar on the market. They are no sheet metal knife. Nice solid steel handles. Work great and are very durable. Well balanced. Very nice quality. After much use they will still hold their own.
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02. Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

This is a good quality board. The measurements and angles are fun and easy to use. Gets a guy’s laugh and perfect in the kitchen. Very attractive. Solid piece of wood and visible grains. Markings are clearer on some parts of the board than others. This is due to the natural wood grains. Great gift idea, funny and practical at the same time. Perfect for the pro OCD chef or the chef in training.
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03. Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Developed from the earlier Harkonnen hunter-seeker, but still powered by microscopic Holtzman field generators, each of the four blades can be directed independently at the potential victim by one member of a team of 4 remote operators. There is a heat-seeking mode, and any one blade can be set to stay out of reach and monitor the victim’s stance and gaze direction (optional module for targets with all-blue eyes), while the other 3 blades attack from sides and rear. Store carefully, as blades are prone to wear in some desert environments.
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04. Professional Knife Sharpener

This is a great sharpener and is very easy to use. Works like a charm. Straight forward instructions. Puts a good sharp edge on knifes.  This also works well on bread knives and other deeply-serrated edges, as well as Santoku blades, individual steak knives, roast slicers, boning knives, etc. Superior results than several recent “professional” sharpening. Be careful with the resulting knives though!
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05. Vitamix Pro Series Blender

It grinds nuts very fast and evenly.  Best blender out there. The smoothie function makes perfect drinks. Nice to know it is backed by a great warranty and made in America. The is a spectacular machine!
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06. 1800-Watt Deep Fryer

A very good fryer and value. Professional quality. Plenty of heat to cook. It heats up quickly and the oil temperature is maintained through out the cooking process. Big enough to make cooking quicker. Makes excellent fried chicken, and french fries. It’s easy to break down and clean. The entire product can be taken apart and cleaning is a matter of minutes.
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07. Digital Kitchen Scale

This scale is best for personal use or for weighing food for 1-2 people. This scale is the bomb because even the odd recipe that is measured in ounces can be tackled without annoying conversions, with just the push of a button! The design is wonderfully minimalist and it is easy to use. Very pleasing to the eyes and functionally very well designed. The buttons are very intuitive and easy to figure out without reading the manual. The display is straight forward. It only has 2 buttons- the one on the right is the on/off and on the left is the oz/gram. It is accurate and uses 2 AA batteries. Battery installation is a snap. Despite being small and light, the four rubble pads at the bottom keep it firmly in place.
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08. Spiralizer

Great machine. Great curly fries. America’s Test Kitchen top rated veggie noodle maker for a reason. Three different cutting blades makes a good variety of spiralized veggies. Takes 20 to 30 seconds depending on the size. It cleans up easily, blades change easily, just a nicely designed and well-functioning tool. All in all, a great tool for routine slicing.
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09. Kitchen Stand and Wand

Works very efficiently. A bit overpriced, but works well for its intended purpose. This stand is compact but does a great job because of that fact. There is plenty of room on the work space for recipe creation. It has a really good feel. Easy to store yet very functional. Holds iPads securely in vertical and horizontal position. Love that it can all be run through the dishwasher.
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