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Ezvid Wiki: Battery Heated Gloves

Top 4 Bike Gloves (Editor’s Choice):

1. Savior Heated Gloves

These gloves are a game changer for people with poor circulation. Very nice for motorcycle/bicycle riding in the cold. They work great even in sub-zero weather.

Key features include:

  1. Full hand warmth coverage
  2. Heat not localized to certain areas
  3. Very good heating and insulation
  4. Leather grip on hands make it easy grip and throttle control while riding
  5. Extra batteries can be purchased from Amazon

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2. Heated Core Heat S2 Gloves

The gloves are very easy to charge and operate. You can use them in windy situations. Even at 1/2 battery setting you will be able to keep your hands warm for at least an hour in 30º F temp. You can use them in skiing too. Yes, they are expensive but they will save your hands in the long run.
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3. Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Gloves

The Lucent gloves are superbly designed and look very stylish. They would be masterpieces even without the battery heating. The heating controls are convenient to use and well placed. They are electrically heated. Push down and hold a large button on the top of the gauntlet and it turns red to indicate high heat. Push in again for medium, and again for low. While on, push and hold the button to turn the heater off. The gauntlet is wide enough to fit over a tapered jacket sleeve. Charger, gloves, batteries can all be stored in the high quality mesh bag that is part of the deal.

They are slightly heavier than a normal pair of gloves and take up a bit more space but well worth it.
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4. Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves

They work just as advertised. But they’re a bit thick for use on a motorcycle. The good thing is they can keep hands warm in 40 degree weather for over an hour. These are lithium (polymer) batteries. They do a great job of heating up fairly quickly. A charge usually lasts 3 to 4 hours.
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